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WELCOME TO Jaggottam Ayurved Panchkarma Center


  • Bachelor of  Ayurveda with modern medicine and surgery (Ayurvedacharya-Para-1) Kanpur University-1993  (Gold Medal).
  • Certificate in Panchkarma therapy from National multi-Centre Training Progarmme on Panchkarma at Raipur in Chattisgarh-2011 (Represented Uttar Pradesh in the programme)


  • Over 20 years of clinical experience in the practice of Ayurveda .
  • Head of department of Ayurveda and Kayachikitsa at city’s leading Jeevan Jyoti Group of Hospitals since 2006.
  • Founder / Director of Jaggotam Ayurvedic Clinic.
  • Attended national level workshops on National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Healthcare Providers NABH in Delhi.


  • Male infertility successfully treated over a 100 cases with four attaining conception without artificial method like IVF.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthrists, joint pain, cervical spondylitis.
  • Hypertension
  • Jaundice, indigestion
  • Skin diseases allergic, bronchitis, asthma, upper respiratory tract infection.
  • Ovarian cyst, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism in women.
  • ENT problems.
  • Lifestyle related disorders.
  • Panch dravya treatment for elimination of toxins from the body.


  • Panchkarma (essential parts of purification therapies of Ayurveda) therapy involving Vamana (artificial vomiting induced using herbs like, strong teas of locorice, salt, calamus for patient suffering from congestion), virechan of laxatives to eliminate high Pitta (fire) from its site in the small intestines, Basti (use of medicated enemas, Nasya (Nasal administration of medicinal oil) and Rakta mokshhana (Blood-letting).
  • Shirodhara pouring of medicated oil, decoction etc on forehead for treatment of headache, hypertension, seizures, depression etc.
  • Kaya-Seka (PIZHICHIL) pouring of warm medicated oil liberally over the body followed by gentle massage for treatment of fractures, dislocation of joint, stiffness of limbs rheumatic conditions.    
  • Shiro-Basti- A process in which medicated oil is filled inside a leather hat open on the top for treatment of skin diseases, insomnia, dryness in mouth etc.  
  • Kati-Basti pouring of medical oil inside a thick ring on the spinal cord for treating backache, sciatica etc.
  • Pioneer in beginning Leech therapy - Essential beautification therapy (popular in western countries) in which leech sucks impure blood from the affected part of body for treating acne, pimples, dermatitis and even psoriasis.
  • NetraBasti -for treatment of problems like itching in eyes, pain, glaucoma, ulcer etc.
  • KarnaPoorna- pouring of warm medicated oil or clarified butter in to the ears for treating Vata disorder, tinnitus (a condition in which people hear abnormal sound, noise, ringing in their ear without objective sound source near them).
  • PindaSwednana- for strengthening the muscles and ligaments and treatment of paralysis, paraplegia osteoarthritis etc.
  • AvagahaSwedan- process by which a patient is made to bath in medicated decoction, oil or ghee for treatment of body ache, muscular pain and pain in the spinal cord.
  • Massages - process by which a patient’s body a massaged with medicated oil for improving immunity, quality sleep and energy level.
  • Udwartan - massage in opposite direction with twisting the body in opposite direction by giving specific pressure points for treatment of obesity.
  • Lepan - application of medicated paste on the body.


  • President of National Integrated Medical Association (NIMA) Allahabad branch.
  • Member of Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad.
  • Distinguished Member of Indian Menopause Society.
  • Hony Visiting Officer B.K. Government Ayurveda College, Jhansi.
  • Former consultant a Regional Training Centre at Accountant General, Uttar Pradesh.


  • Organised national conference on Modern Approach to Ayurveda with special emphasis on use of phyto-medicine in male infertility. Renowned Andrologist Dr V.K. Srivastava was the key-note speaker.
  • Workshop on stress management at Ganga Gurukulam school – Phaphamau.
  • Lecture on ‘Ayurveda and Women’ at Allahabad Ladies Club.
  • Free Panch-dravya and de-stress management camps at Jaggottam Ayurvedic Clinic.
  • Online counselling (through Facebook etc.) to you youngsters in dealing with depression, anxiety etc. Free counselling services extended to students in Germany, Portugal, Saudi Arabia etc.